12 Year-old Semiconductor IP and Design Services Company Receives New Investment

I have a transistor-level IC design background so was intrigued to learn more from the CEO of an IP and services company that started out in India 12 years ago. Last week I spoke with Samir Patel, CEO of Sankalp Semiconductor about the newest $5 million financial investment in his company from Stakeboat Capital Fund. The Stakeboat Capital Fund has some 28 years of investing experience and a current market capitalization above $8B.

I knew that the general trend was for IP companies to provide more specialized content along with design services to help speed new electronic products to market, but I didn't realize that there are some 200 IC design services companies around the world competing for this growing market segment. What makes outsourced IC design services attractive to OEMs are:

  • Lower cost of development than hiring and training new engineers 
  • Lower risk with a supplier that has a good track record
  • Access to analog and mixed-signal IP blocks

Sure, there are giants in outsourcing like Wipro and Infosys, so what makes Sankalp interesting to me is their focus on analog and mixed-signal IP, something that is in strong demand these days as every IoT device with a sensor will require an AMS chip to get data into a digital format. The engineers at Sankalp have quite a broad range of experience to help speed the AMS parts or all of your next chip projects:

  • Specification definition
  • RTL design and verification
  • SoC Implementation
  • IP blocks
  • AMS design
  • Custom layout and P&R
  • Technology Foundry Interface
  • Validation and Characterization


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