After working on multiple projects, Sankalp found that there was a pressing need to:

  • Reduce the requirement for expert resources for routine tasks and reviews
  • Improve productivity of each individual designer by taking over all repetitive tasks
  • Optimize usage of complex software licenses to reduce cost of ownership
  • Reduce the percentage of time taken by customers to write detailed specifications by providing a “correct by construction” flow


To address the above needs we created a dedicated CAD team to develop solutions for:

  • Various tools vendors: Cadence, Mentor & Synopsys
  • PDK rule writing and tech file update
  • Address all methodologies required for Memory, I/O, Analog, RF, Standard Cells
  • Address interface solutions between internal divisional teams and customers – in some cases on different continents

Tools/Flows Expertise

Flow & Methodologies

Sankalp possesses vast expertise in:

  • The development of front end automation flows including automated RTL and SoC integration generation, automated SoC TB and testcase generation and automated generation of product engg sheets
  • The development of a comprehensive digital methodology and flow for mixed signal designs, with end user deployment and continuous updates which covers all ASIC development processes from RTL till GDSII and is based on the Cadence tool chain
  • The development of implementation methodology, flow automation and integration of front-end tools using the Synopsys tool chain

Tool Development

Our EDA services in tool development include:

  • GUI for job management development and maintenance including log viewing, rerunning failed jobs, rerun with changed configuration, etc and allowing for complex runs like job staggering, job pipelining
  • Design Verification toolkit development and maintenance which ensures seamless running of verification tools on multiple platforms, the ability to run and manage large regressions and reporting of the status and progress
  • HDL Frontends (Cheetah, Jaguar and Concorde) product licensing with services and customization and integration with customer tools and flows
  • CAD component (toolkit and library) development for DFT methodology 

Design Support

Sankalp provides the following design support services. 

Supporting design teams on all Front-End tools across Cadence and Synopsys flows for

  • Tool deployment team, handing user issues
  • Design activities “outsourced” to deployment team

PDK development

  • Rule deck development (DRC, LVS, DFM, etc)
  • PDK migration (e. Hercules -> PVS)
  • PDK verification / testing using QA cells & existing designs / regression setup
  • Automation
  • Library integration testing / IP inspection

Layout Automation Techniques

PDK Conversion / Enhancement

Our conversion and enhancement services include:

  • Setting up of new methodology using Cadence PVS, work with EDA / PDK / Central PG and design teams to qualify new PVS flow for sign-off
  • Conversion from Hercules to Cadence PVS
  • Create DRC decks for Antenna, Restrictor, Packaging, Fill, DFM
  • Create LVS decks
  • Create QA cells for verification before release to customer
  • Regression automation