Analog & Mixed Signal Layout Capabilities

Standard Cell Library Capabilities

Technology and Foundry Exposure

Tools/Flows Expertise

Layout Design Flow

  • Once any change is done at any stage, review and sign off gates going to next stage of the flow
  • Unless a signoff is done by relevant approver the layout owner cannot move to next step
  • Reference documents and checklists are accessed for the layout flow tool
  • A robust QMS(Quality management system) is implemented
  • A web-based dashboard, to audit progress of project and QMS implementation

CAD and Automation Services

  • Central CAD team supports all business units for CAD related activities like, license management, EDA vendor support, infrastructure development etc
  • A team of 20+ engineers is active in addressing customer’s automation needs. Automation in custom-layout and related domains is the focus for this team
  • Need is supported through rotation and addition of resources