Digital Expertise

Digital & Systems

Design & Verification Capability

Physical Design, DFT & STA Capabilities

Digital/SOC Offerings

Semiconductor Solutions: Digital/SOC Domain

Digital IP Cores & Differentiators

IP Portfolio 

  • System Controller
  • RTC
  • Boot ROM Interface
  • Security Checker
  • Security Bridge
  • Interrupt Controller
  • Data Flash
  • HS SPI
  • Ext Bus Interface
  • TPU & 32 bit Timer
  • I2S
  • WatchDog
  • Error Collection Unit
  • Port MUX
  • GPIO Controller
  • DMA Controller
  • Ethernet
  • SRAM, TCM Interface

Differentiators in Digital Space


  • Consumer electronics IP development
    • Strong expertise in Audio, Video, Wireless, Networking & development
  • ARM processor based SoC development
    • ARM1176 based SoC development involving 4 processor cores (2 ARM1176, ARC Video, DSP processor)
    • Cortex R4 based MCU development
  • Low power design methodology
    • Power Management Controller development for external PMICs/embedded PMUs
    • Architectural power reduction strategies
    • Power estimation in RTL, and switch estimation
  • System level IP development
  • Physical design flow using Cadence tools
    • End-to-end flow definition capability using Cadence tools for physical design and design implementation

SoC Verification Capability

  • Expertise in HDLs, HVLs & Static Verification (PSL/SVA)
  • Full chip, block level & cluster level verification
  • Automated Test benches & Regression environment
  • Development of regression suites in Specman Elite, C/C++, Vera, System Verilog, SystemC
  • Bus functional models, Protocol monitors and checkers
  • Functional and Code coverage analysis
  • Multi layer Board validation
  • Verification IP development

Front-end Automation Flow