Sankalp provides a number of services in system design IOT including:

  • Partnering for prototype system implementations
  • System architecture definition for software as well as hardware
  • Concept to prototype designs
  • Customizing standard platforms for specific applications
  • Point services for System Design, PCB Layout and Board bringup and testing

BLE industrial Application

The way BLE works is as follows:

  • Collect information from various on-board sensor interface
    • 3 axis Accelerometer data 
    • 3 Analog Interface information (working as 0-5v or 0-20mA) 
    • Battery level indication
    • Digital Input channels with isolated buffers
    • Digital Output channels to trigger status indication and control relay interface to turn ON and OFF external equipment’s
  • Based on the polling time interval set or for any asynchronous request from master the remote unit will:
    • Receive data from respective sensor interface
    • Packetized with a proprietary protocol format
    • Dispatch over the Wireless interface
    • Onboard buzzer signaling to indicate the request and Acknowledge signaling between master and slave
  • Customer specific Android application with BLE support or an PC environment with BLE dongle interface can work with the Slave unit